It’s that time of the year again!

Yes, our favourite IPL season is on, and we couldn’t be more excited. Cheering for your favourite team can get really stressful, and we at Yardley London would like you to be perfectly prepared for every match you watch, be it at the stadium or on a couch in your house.

Every occasion deserves a fragrance that just brings out the absolute best in you hence, we’ve put down exactly what you need to keep you cheer ready as we list down your IPL essentials.

i) Stadium Essentials

Well, you managed to get passes for the match you’ve been waiting for all year. You’ve picked out everything but you still need to complete your look with something that makes you feel on point.

Stadiums can be really crowded and smelling fresh becomes a necessity. So we’ve picked the Gentleman Adventure for you. This fragrance will leave a timeless masculine impression, wherever you go.

ii) Sports Bar Essentials

Your gang has a ritual of watching every match at your favourite sports bar, and you definitely wouldn’t want to let them down.

Keeping that in mind, you need to have the perfect fragrance that doesn’t make everyone in the bar steer clear of you but you need something that makes watching the game a pleasant experience.

With all the adrenaline rush around you, the Original is the perfect fragrance. You wouldn’t have to think twice before you step out of your house.

iii) Living Room Essentials

Most of us enjoy the match on a couch with a pint of beer and people who love and enjoy the match just as much as you.

Well, you can’t have people around and not be your most presentable self, especially if you’re hosting. Stay true to yourself and your love for your team with the Yardley Classic EDT. It’s the perfect touch to the perfect evening.

Now that you’re prepped for the next match, get ready to cheer for your favourite team as you wow the people around too!