Strap: We know that you usually head to the store and pick up any fragrance you spot, to save time and effort. Believe us when we say, you’re making a huge mistake. Spending time on picking out the right perfume is an investment you need to make. We help you get started.

Isn’t it true that you feel more confident when you know you smell irresistible? The way you smell is an important part of your grooming process—you can be dressed in the best designer wear, but all that falls flat if you don’t smell good. Invest time and money in picking a fragrance that suits your look, personality and, even your lifestyle. We give you a few tips on how tofind your perfect perfume match.

Know what you want

This is the first and, perhaps, the most important step. You need to know what kind of fragrances you like, and what kinds make your nose crinkle... because if you don’t like it on you, no one else will either. To figure this out, you need to do some research on the basic fragrance categories there are. We know you’re already sighing, but remember, you’re spending a fair bit of money on this so consider it an investment of time and money. Your options include spicy, woody, citrusy, leather and even floral.

Don’t roll your eyes yet. Floral notes in men’s perfumes are nothing like those in a woman’s. They are usually heart or base notes that lend a sweet, fresh feeling to the scent. The Gentleman Legend fragrance from the House Of Yardley, for instance, is anything but feminine—it’s the combination of the floral notes with the woody ones that make it very sexy. The point is to spend some time on finding out what your options are.

The Personality Match

A fragrance will only truly work for you if it complements your personality and resonates with who you are. Identify yourself and then find the perfume that does just that.

The Boy Next Door

If you identify best with this, veer towards fragrances with more citrusy accents. These are usually subtle yet extremely refreshing and stay with you all day long. Try Yardley’s Gold fragrance –its cool, breezy characteristic will leave you fresh all day and appeal to your laidback nature.

The Sporty Guy

Men who are passionate about sports, watching and playing them, should opt for fragrances that strike the perfect balance between subtle and long-lasting. If you’re playing a game with your buddies, you don’t want your scent to be the focus. However, it should also be strong enough to cover up any BO from the excessive activity. The Gentleman Citrus & Wood strikes the right balance between fresh citrus notes and deep, long-lasting accents of musk. The result? You’re minty fresh no matter how hard you play.

The Boardroom Mogul

If business suits, lace-up brogues and firm handshakes define who you are, you need an elegant, masculine scent to help you stand out during those deal-cracking meetings. The trick here is to let your fragrance reflect your confidence and poise, and make heads turn as you stride in. And nothing will do the job like the Gentleman Classic from the House Of Yardley. The most popular fragrance in the men’s line, this one will win you over with its citrus top notes couples with its strong woody base notes that lend a royal, self-assured quality to them—just what you need to conquer that next client.

It is true that your signature fragrance is a reflection of who you are so tread carefully when making this purchase. Consider it an investment that promises high yields in the near future.