Strap: What do you love about summer? Is it the beach, the flowers smiling out in the sun or are the luscious, ripe fruits of summer that your heart really sings to?! Look for fragrances that give you the same feeling.

Choose fresher, cooler fragrances to get the best contrast with the hot weather. Summer perfumes should be applied lightly as their scent is much stronger due to the high temperatures. Bergamot, rose, jasmine, mimosa and orange blossoms are a few popular summer notes.

The valley of flowers!

If you love the garden, and your roses and daisies and all of those beautiful, sweet smells, you probably like floral scents. Yardley English Daisy with top notes of apple is vivacious and perfectly summery !Citrus notes are also very popular in the summer months as they exude a sense of freshness all day long—perfumes with lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit notes are what you need to be looking out for. The same goes for spicy scents. Instead of heady cumin and cinnamon, look for zestier ones, like cardamom, ginger and pink peppercorn. Yardley Gentleman strikes the right notes for warm summer nights!

Flower power

There is a strong argument for floral notes in the summer, as the season itself is associated with flowers blooming in the countryside. Lavender, jasmine, hibiscus, roses and daisies usually win the odds here. Yardley’s signature English Lavender, the English Rose, the Royal Red Roses and many other fragrance categories from this brand with heady notes of jasmine, rose, lily and other aromatic blossoms are great picks for a fresh and fragrant summer.The great thing about this fragrance category is that the floral notes are usually added in the heart notes, so the scent is never overpoweringly sweet—just gentle enough to leave a trail. Here’s a tip light scents don't last long, so we recommend stashing a few samples of your summer fragrance in your purse and reapplying it throughout the day.


If floral and fruity just isn’t your cup of perfume, then look towards deeper scents like sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. The Imperial Sandalwood and Poise fragrances from the House Of Yardley are then the perfect summer picks for you. The woody, spicy notes in these will complement your personality and last all day. As these are more intense fragrances, they should be used in moderation—try keeping the bottle a little further away from your body. Moreover, it’s best if these elements are in the base notes rather than the top notes, as this will help diffuse the intensity.