It’s that time of the year when the temperatures are soaring and flowers are blooming. It’s certainly time to swap your signature scent with something light & refreshing! Personally, I am someone who loves to set the mood for new experiences, and prefer the aroma around me to be unique and always memorable. To start off, let me state that there are no fixed rules when it comes to picking a fragrance to complement your style. That being said, always choose a fragrance that makes you happy and if you change your mind, you can always start afresh tomorrow!

Since summer's already at the shore, I thought I'd share with you 4 outfit and fragrance combinations for 4 situations that you may have to deal with this Summer.

The Workaholic

Summer isn’t just fun and games!. From powerful business women taking huge strides in the boardroom to fiercely independent ladies who run their own show, we level-headed women exude strong, powerful energy and need a fragrance to match. A pink rose scent is feminine, passionate and yet subtle enough for office wear. With the rich scent of rose, this fragrance is also very refreshing for summer.

Bring the look to life this summer with an outfit that dazzles, while being comfortable to wear when very hot. Shift dresses rank at the top of my list when it comes to comfortable yet formal clothing. They suspend straight down from your shoulders, compliment almost every body type and skim your body pleasantly without clinging. They are easy to throw on for a casual day but can look formal enough for meetings too. I added some simple two tone heels and a structured black satchel to finish off the look.

Fragrance Tip

 Whether it is a board meeting or just a regular day at work, the tip is to not go overboard with your fragrance.

Girls Day Out

Summer is the perfect time to hang with your best friends! Are you uber-stylish and can effortlessly put together layers in summer while everyone around you is sweaty and complaining about the weather? An elegant woman like you might enjoy a scent with notes of Lavender -- it is a soothing and refreshing aromatic scent that can be the perfect base for your beautiful outfit. The best thing about Lavender fragrance is the mix of floral and spicy notes that are great for a sunny day out.

Give off the summer vibe with an outfit that speaks volumes like this maxi dress and there is little need to over-accessorize. This look just needs simple gold hoops, a beautiful bangle cuff in matching hues and a simple pair of strappy heels in black or gold and voila you’re set! You can also add a simple contrast-coloured sling to carry those minimal essentials. And, you're all set to watch the sunset in style.

Fragrance Tip

Lavender is one of the most sophisticated fragrances and is perfect for layering. Right from your shower gel to body lotion to perfume, use it as your signature scent this summer.

Date Night

Who can forget their Summer love? For those romantic evenings, pick up a deep rose fragrance and let it be your love potion for the date night. Red Rose is a sweet and sultry scent that is the perfect background while you play the leading lady in your love story. Red rose as a scent is distinctive and leaves you feeling confident and stylish.

Extend the emotion of the fragrance with a well-fitted dress that compliments your frame adequately. Paired with statement heels, it is all you need to have your man's attention set on you!

Fragrance Tip

This fragrance is great for a night out. Don’t forget to use this on your pulse points and a bit of it on your hairbrush for your hair to smell great.

Beach Bum

When the warm days arrive, your look needs to get cheerful and creative, especially when it comes to beach wear. There is something to be said about the vibrance that the feeling of Summer evokes. The bright colours, sunshine, prints and sun-kissed tans, what’s not to love about the season? The perfect refreshing scent to perk up your mood in the sun is be a fragrance with notes of Jasmine. It has a delicate and sweet scent that keeps you fragrant all day. The best thing about this floral fragrance is that it’s subtle and gentle on your skin. Exactly what you need for summer!

For your outfit, wear something bright and colourful. Pair them with your favourite flip flops and you’re good as gold!

Fragrance Tip

Let this fragrance be your style statement. Jasmine scent is subtle and refreshing, hence you can easily let Jasmine grab all the attention on a casual day out.

So, that is the round up for Summer! What is your favourite look and fragrance?