We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fragrances. Summery or woody, floral or citrusy – with a myriad of fragrances available choosing a particular perfume can seem like a task. After all, you always want to smell good. But, just the way perfumes change their scent once you spritz them on your skin, the surrounding environment can also cause the scent to vary. Whether an outdoor event or a house party – the perfume you wear needs to suit the occasion.

We know this all sounds very daunting, but don’t worry. Let us help you out with selecting the right perfume for the occasion you’re heading out to:

Warm and Cosy Christmas Dinner Parties with Family and Friends

Christmas dinner with family is all about fun and celebration. And the best part about it? With only your favourite people around, you can experiment with your outfit, accessories or fragrances without a worry. Although, it is best to opt for single element fragrances as they lace the body subtly – just enough for the enclosed spaces. Some of the best fragrances you can choose from are Yardley’s English Musk, Lace or Lavender. While the musk notes in Yardley Musk linger for long as it evaporates slow and steady, Yardley Lavender lets you explore freshness with its floral notes. But, remember to go easy on spritzes because you don’t want to smell too strong for the dinner table laden with variety of food.

Breezy December Wedding Under the Night Sky

December and weddings go hand in hand. We’re sure you have been invited to quite a few of them. And as you decide on the perfect Saree and the perfect jewellery to go with it, take a moment to pick the perfect fragrance as well. Being an outdoor occasion, you need something that stays on for a longer time and doesn’t fade away sooner than you expect it too. Moreover, it’s also important that you stand out from the crowd. Pick a skin sensitive perfume that’s bold, makes a mark yet is classy and sophisticated. Some of the few fragrances you can choose from Yardley’s London Mist, Jasmine or Lily.

Dazzling and Glamourous New Year Party

New Year is just around the corner, and so are the celebrations. Dressing-up, dancing, food and drinks – let the party begin! But as you party into the night, welcoming 2018 on a happy note ensure the fragrance notes match up to it as well. So pick a perfume that makes you the life of the party and lingers till the party ends. Pick from Yardley’s Royal Diamond – a classy, sparkling fragrance that is enhanced with vanilla and honey notes along with other floral scents, or Yardley’s Poise – a rich oriental fragrance that speaks of a luxurious lifestyle.

Now that we’ve decoded fragrances for different occasions, picking the right one will be an easy choice for you. So, head to Yardley’s online store and choose from our wide range of perfumes!