It’s important to have a fresh and calm mind to make the most of your day at work. But, you might already start feeling a little spent after all the travelling, answering emails, and sorting out the to-do lists etc. How then can you take on the challenges the day throws at you? Simple – by picking the right perfume.

A Perfume that Feels Fresh

On a hectic work day, you want your mind to be active throughout – only then will you be able to tackle your to-do list efficiently. A perfume with the right base notes will help you feel fresh. It’ll be even better if it brings back memories of a happy day. Yardley’s London Mist EDC, with its perfect blend of floral and fruity notes along with woody base accents is a smart choice.

A Perfume that makes a Mark

Even at work, there are those special days when all eyes are on you. That review presentation, meeting with a client or your appraisal chat – they all require you to be at your best. And there’s nothing like a good perfume that smells of confidence, to help you make your mark. Fresh, dewy and vibrant, Morning Dew – Yardley’s daily wear EDC, is the perfect choice to help you seize the day.

A Perfume that Exudes Subtlety

Yes, it’s nice to wear a perfume that smells bold. At the same time, it’s necessary to check that it’s not too strong. After all, a fragrance should not be too overpowering – especially so if it troubles your co-workers. Yardley’s Country Breeze EDC, with its blend of soft and strong notes is a classic choice for the confident woman in you.

A Perfume that Lifts Your Spirit

There are those work days when you feel tired with all the work load. For such days, there is Yardley’s Autumn Bloom EDC. A combination of rich oriental notes, its fragrance is sure to lift up your mood. One spritz – and you’re ready to tick your to-do list off!

With a range of daily wear fragrances to pick from, you will surely be ready for whatever the day has in store.

So, are you ready to seize the day? We say - Carpe Diem!