Whether or not you’re travelling during the summers, being outdoors all the time will eventually steal away your freshness. After all, you’re out on the streets all day – a lazy day at the beach, a long stroll admiring heritage spots across town or hiking through greenery. Here’s are a few tips and tricks to stay fresh all day long!

Always Keep a Deodorant Handy

Having a deodorant on you goes a long way in helping one stay fresh. At the same time, the deodorant needs stay on for a longer time. After all you wouldn’t want to keep spritzing it all day long. Pick from the Yardley range of perfumed body sprays, like Gentleman Classic Body Spray with hints of Citrus and White Chocolate for men or Imperial Jasmine Body Spray that promises a long-lasting floral fragrance through the day. Don’t forget to keep it in your carry-on luggage.

Perfumed Lotions to the Rescue! 

Not only does the body lotion help you revive your tired skin on your travels, but also adds to the layer of fragrance on you. Especially when it comes to Yardley’s Perfumed Moisturising Lotion, you smell amazing all day long. Its fragrance, which is a mix of floral notes and strong, spicy, woody notes of musk, the also ensures you feel fresh throughout.

Talcum Powder that Lingers

While not many of us use talcum powders as commonly as we used to, this product has its own benefits. Apart from the variety of fragrances it comes in – like Yardley’s Morning Dew which is vibrant and musky, or Elegance for men, which has a gentle scent of aloe vera, Talcum Powders help you stay dry and safe from chafing and such.

Now, there’s no reason for you to worry about staying fresh and aromatic on your travels. All you need is to be equipped with the right products and you’re god to go! Where are you off to next? Let us know in the comments below: