There’s a reason why we opt for alluring fragrances to complete our looks. That desire to make heads turn the moment we step into a room is unparalleled. A distinctive scent can do the kind of magic that even the swankiest designer wear can’t – to create a memory that lasts. So, what if your perfume smells all flawless once out of the bottle but loses its fizz soon? We assert, it’s seldom the fragrances’ fault but mostly about incorrect storage and application.

In this article, Yardley of London’s fragrance expert lists out a handful of ways that can help your scent last through the day.

There is a reason why it is recommended to store your bottles in a cool and dry place. While your bathroom cabinet seems like a comfortable space to store them, we recommend you against it. Instead keep your fragrances in a place without varying light, humidity and heat – like, say, your wardrobe. This practice will accentuate the durability of your scents.

Moisture on your skin works wonders in soaking in a scent. Hence, applying a fragrance right after a shower and before you dress up for the day will be useful in retaining the scent for a longer time.

Application of a good moisturizer beforehand will also help your skin to absorb the scent to optimum.

Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, body spray, roll-on, deodorant – there are umpteen fragrance variants that are available in the market. Each have disparate quantities of the scent in question and while picking a bottle, make sure that you buy one with the desired concentration.

Perfume bottles are meant to stand still. Therefore, if you have the habit of shaking your Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum bottles, you must put a halt to it. Shaking these bottles will reduce the quality of the scent as it lets air in.

As you apply a fragrance, it is important to identify target areas on your body. Besides pulse points, warm areas like elbows, neck, armpits, the area below your midriff, calves and ankles shall be focussed upon. Another tip is to apply petroleum jelly on pulse points which will help you retain the scent for a longer time.

Layering comes under fragrance basics. You can either layer with different variants of the same fragrance or experiment by mixing and matching dissimilar ones. The former will not only enhance the longevity of your fragrances but also creates a lasting aura around the wearer.

Reapplication in timely fashion is not a bad idea, especially if you are travelling through the day. While doing so, make sure to apply them in judicious quantities or else your scent will end up annoying others. We also recommend carrying cotton balls or buds smeared with your scent for frequent touch-ups.

That was a quick dose from the House of Yardley on how to wear a fragrance that lingers. Want to try a new fragrance today? Go online at the official Yardley shop at!