With over seven billion people in the world, even a million different fragrances wouldn’t be enough to make you feel unique.

How many times have you stood amidst a crowd and picked up a whiff of something familiar yet not really able to place a finger on it! Well, these are notes that you nose knows but have been combined differently to create a scent which is very distinct and unique.

Layering, the lowdown

Each of us has been layering fragrances since time immemorial perhaps subconsciously. In fact your soaps, body wash, deodorants and body lotions all form part of this fragrant escapade. The trend of celebrities starting their eponymous lines of perfumes was also a result of layering to find a unique fragrance combination. Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, in fact, was one of the first celebrities to do so, with the launch of White Diamonds in 1991.

Layering is all about choosing fragrances that work well in concert. It's actually the process of coordinating the fragrances you wear so they'll be compatible and stay fresh and pleasant smelling all day. Getting this right takes a few experiments but once you have a winner, your combined fragrance will smell as good after three hours as it did when you first put it on.

How to layer fragrances

Layering scents doesn’t necessarily mean spraying two perfumes directly on top of each other—it can start as early as when you apply a scented lotion after your shower. So an a day when you really feel like pampering yourself , Use Yardley English Lavender soap , indulge in English Lavender body lotion and round it off with an abundant spray of Yardley English Lavender Deo to create intensity of your fragrance.

If you are the multi fragrance kinds then always use fragrances that have some notes in common. Think patchouli, woody and musks as heart of the fragrance and combine it with floral, citrusy notes to create a dramatic effect.

Floral fragrances are good carriers of perfumes and create an uplifting effect. When you can sense Monday blues are just around you just don’t want to get on with the day, spruce up with Yardley Feather Deo and top it off with English Rose EDT to get the swing back into your step!

As a general rule of thumb, always contrast strong fragrances with lighter citrusy notes. Apply the heavier fragrance first and then spritz on the lighter one – a little remaining wetness helps the fragrances to fuse well together.

How to make your fragrance last longer?

Now that you have set your heart on your favourite fragrance, it’s time to learn how to intensify and make it long-lasting.Give each product some time to dry off before you apply the next and you can even use some almond oil to lock down your fragrance. The best place to spritz some perfume are your pulse points, here your blood vessels are closest to your skin allowing it to act like your personal oil diffusers! So your ear lobes, base of your throat, cleavage, wrists, elbows and back of your knees are the sweetest spots. Hair is infact a great conductor and holds perfume really well. Just spray the Yardley Poise Deo all around you and walk into the fragrance!!

Remember that layering fragrances takes some skill and patience but at the heart of it, it is really about creating a mood for you.

Experiment with different notes and create your perfect signature fragrance!