art of layering

You walk across a random stranger and all you take in is a strong fascinating scent that lingers on in the air behind them. Your senses not only get heightened by this fragrance, but, make you wonder what makes this scent leave such a strong impression.

Well, it’s time for you to stop racking your brains because you can achieve the very same effect of long lasting fragrance. It’s the art of perfuming.

Perfuming the body might sound like a task but, we’ve simplified it for you into three different ways and you’ll definitely love them.

Just follow the steps below and get ready to leave everyone smitten by your scent.

yardley soap


Start off mild perfuming by indulging in a luxury Yardley soap that is crafted with genuine extracts and oils. These bath soaps not only melt away your stress, but, add the first layer of perfume to your regime.

A lot of us do not consider this an important part of layering, but, we can assure you that it’s very important and should never be missed. Perfumed talc’s are the best way to stay fresh and fragrant all day. The best way of using it would be to apply small dabs all over the body after your shower.

Yardley perfume


If you are looking for a strong substitute for perfuming your body then you pick between an EDC (Eau de Cologne) and an EDT (Eau de Toilette) depending on the occasion.

Spray the yardley perfume on all the warms body zones to strengthen the aroma even more. Always remember to hold it upright and spray 15 cms away from the skin.

This type of perfuming lasts the longest and leaves a very strong impression.

Yardley roll on


Most people have a tendency to ignore a very important part of perfuming, which is a roll on. A perfumed roll on gives you long lasting sweat protection and the extracts that are used lighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. Why not spend a few extra seconds to not just smell nice but get better skin too. This double benefit of Deodorant Roll-On Anti-Perspirant is something that enhances that art of perfuming.

To get the quality and lasting fragrance, use all the products with the same base notes as it intensifies the scent.

Yardley London has been a purveyor of quality products since the 17th century and with the wide variety of products it has to offer, you can get all your products that suit your palate.