A good part of our office-going routine is about dressing up. And getting ready isn’t complete without a chic scent complementing our look. However, the question remains on what fragrance is work-friendly, and what quantity is the right quantity. If not chosen right, even the finest of scents will end up causing major faux pas. Because at our workplace, the last thing on our agenda will be to distract or tantalize.

In this article, Yardley of London presents to you few essential tips that will help your master the scent game at work!

When you look at any fragrance brand’s portfolio, you will spot multitudes of variants. The idea should be to be feel pleasant oneself and also to radiate a vibe that is welcoming. Now who decides what is the right or wrong here? The first rule should be to verify if there’s a workplace code of conduct in terms of dressing up, wearing makeup, applying fragrances etc. Your work buddy or the hiring personnel could be of great help in elucidating the same. For instance, a nursing assistant will have drastically different policies as opposed to a costume designer. Therefore, knowing the nature of your work and the workplace culture is the first check box to tick.

Another common howler is opting for fragrances that are strong, and clearly not ‘work-appropriate’. Perfumes and deodorants often fall prey to wrong marketing methodologies, with the intent to cut across various consumer segments. Although a lot of brands bifurcate their scents with labels as ‘work’ and ‘play’, not many consumers know what the right quantity to apply is. Fragrance lovers frequently go overboard with usage of body care, hygiene and fragrance products - all of the same scent – only to exude an overtly strong, unpleasant smell around them. Others try layering fragrances and end up creating unfriendly concoctions for work.

The idea here is to realize that your scent spreads, even though you may not smell it yourself. Therefore, frequent re-application can lead to jarring results. Use fragrances only in optimum quantities, preferably at pulse points. Do not apply them all over your clothes as it serves no solid purpose.

Choosing mono floral fragrance variants like, say, Yardley English Rose could be a safe bet for work. These simple yet classy variants are tried and tested in work atmospheres. Unless you happen to perspire abnormally, we suggest opting for the Eau De Toilette variant for work. They are light (containing 5-15% aromatic compounds), pleasing and are also known to retain the fragrance for a good duration.

As we close, we would still suggest that you continue experimenting with myriad scents at work. Because if done right, a beautiful scent can do for you what your wardrobe never will – to make heads turn, all for the right reasons. We would recommend that you take suggestions from that friendly colleague of yours, who’s always looking out for you.

Yardley of London wishes you a great time dressing up for work. Discover an enchanting range of work wear fragrances at our official brand store: shop.yardleyoflondon.com.