With the pitter patter of rain drops on our window sill, we’ve realized that the monsoon season has arrived. Sitting in and sipping on a hot cup of tea might seem like the perfect way to glide through this season, but, we all know that eventually we’d have to step out.

The best way to lift your sprits during this dreary season is to pick the perfect fragrance, because smelling good will always leave you feeling good.

Here’ a list we’ve curated especially for you, that’ll make you feel like bracing the monsoon with a smile on your face and a skip in your stride.

i) London Mist EDC

Staring into the darkening clouds isn’t an option anymore, because with the London Mist EDC you’ll be transported to the misty mornings of London.

A fragrance that is perfect for the monsoon, London Mist is a light, dreamy fragrance that lingers on.

ii) Royal Diamond EDT

An uplifting floral fragrance that will make the dreary monsoons seem like the best time of the year, the Royal Diamond EDT is an elixir during this season.

The Royal Diamond may be an all year perfume, but during the monsoons this is the spurt of energy you require.

iii) Gentlemen Citrus and Wood EDT

The Citrus and Wood EDT will keep you refreshed all through the monsoons, and will keep you minty fresh all-day long.

This nature inspired fragrance is the best way for you to get out of the comfort of your bed as you hear the rain drops pit pattering across your window sill.

Now that we know we can be rest assured all through the dreary monsoon, we are looking forward to the rains – what about you?