With the season of Summer in full swing with never ending bouts of heat waves, we at Yardley London have created four summer fragrances that will not only keep you feeling absolutely refreshed all day long, but, also comes at a cost that is very affordable.

It’s definitely a steal!

These four daily wear perfumes are a fresh mix of fruity and floral notes that will leave the wearer feeling enrobed with freshness. Read all about these fragrances and what makes them different from each other and find out which would be your perfect summer companion.


Morning Dew comes in a beautiful purple packaging. As the name suggests, it sounds like a never-ending carpet of melting ice on a bed of freshly cut grass. Just the very thought of it makes the wearer feel fresh and ready to take on the summer heat.

This fragrance is an aromatic potion created with notes of Mandarin, Freesia and Rose. This daily wear perfume will keep you feeling refreshed all day long.


Country breeze comes in a beautiful gradient blue glass bottle. The name itself makes you reminisce the old country roads and the feeling you get as you walk through fields of fresh flowers and a fresh gust of wind constantly plays with your hair.

It’s a fragrance that just hits you with a jolt of freshness. The country breeze is dominated by Bergamot, Mandarin, Jasmine and Musk, hence that jolt and this scent is perfect for spring and summer, especially for women who enjoy the smell of being surrounded by fresh fragrances of meadows.


London Mist comes in a beautiful pink glass bottle. I’m sure you’ve guessed because of the name that this fragrance is here to make you feel romantic and fresh all day. London Mist talks about cold mornings in London.

The London mist has this infused aroma of flowers like Orchid and fruits like Peach fused together and follows through with this beautiful touch of cinnamon and cedar wood. It’s like a romantic bouquet of fragrances put together to create this extremely fresh and vibrant scent.


Autumn Bloom is available in a golden orange bottle.  This particular fragrance smells like the aroma that exudes out when crumpling leaves start breaking off from tress and float through the air like a never ending shower.

This fragrance is very oriental. It smells like an ore of sandalwood and amber mixed together with a tingle of floral (Rose and Apple Blossom) and fruity (Apple and Bergamot) touches to it. This daily wear perfume would be perfect for women who enjoy their floral and fruity fragrances but want something stronger and long lasting to go with it.

Now that you’ve read about all the four daily wear perfumes, it’s time to pick the one that you’ll be calling your summer scent.

Just to add on another reason for you to love this range is that it comes at an affordable price of Rs. 499 only.