Perfume is such a personal area of beauty and that’s especially true when you’re choosing one to buy or wear for Valentine’s Day. Next to a swipe of bold red lipstick, fragrance is one element that can have a transformative quality on your mood, instantly boosting your confidence and coaxing your inner Marilyn out of hiding. If you’ve ever had a fragrance flashback, you’ll know just how powerfully we link scents with people and places (and all the emotions that go with them).

We put together a list of five fragrances for five love feels - from spicy, sensual accords for him to rose-based floral diaries for her - to wear this Valentine's Day. May anyone within your scent radius feel blessed to catch a passing whiff.

First Romance 

If that’s the goal you’re aiming for then we can help! Invented by floral artists, it seems the magic of love was mastered by them resulting in the best potion of all – Lavender. It reflects mood-boosting sunshine that’ll light up your romantic stroll and beyond. Yardley’s English Lavender brings the iconic secret of sensuality to enliven your special moment.

Fun Date

So you’re flamboyant and cheerful and want to dance all night with your partner? Then consider a floral and woody combination with fresh notes like jasmine that are refreshing and attractive like Yardley’s London Mist or Jasmine scents. The delicate sugar and spice mix is known to induce confidence and draw compliments, too.

Confessions of love

For the classic and magnetic ones, some fragrances never go out of style and romance. Profess your love the old Rose way with a lingering pursuit of passion on a bed of flowers. Yardley’s English Rose is forever here to stay and imparts a calming, relieving affect as an aphrodisiac.

He’s perfect!

Think fresh forests and intense earthy escapades. All the men out there, it indeed needs to be an exciting affair this Valentine’s. Yardley’s Gentleman Adventure is for the man who believes in leaving a timeless masculine impression, wherever he walks. For the suave charming kind, we’ve got Yardley’s Gentleman Citrus & Wood which is the finest spicy mix of the name itself.

Love is in the air

Thinking of a positive mingling vibe and lovely candle-lit dinners? A little spicy, a little nice, the musky notes of white flowers are your go-to. Yardley’s Morning Dew awakens your senses with the dewy freshness and Lace royally portrays your feminine side.

This Valentine’s keep it special and scents-ual when choosing your hidden motive. Stay true to your choice and let the fragrances whip up their magic!

You can thank us later!