Summer is right around the corner, and for most people that’s one of the most dreaded seasons to step out in. Be it the scorching heat or the sweltering perspiration, the summers can be a tough season to get around.

The summer heat can definitely bring you down, but we have a set of fragrances for you that will definitely uplift your mood, and bring out the most fabulous side of you. A touch of the right scent can go a long way into making your summers not just more bearable but, definitely more refreshing.

Read on ahead and find out which fragrance you should stock up on for the summers.

I) English Rose

Florals fragrances remain the favourite during summers and we vouch for the same. The English Rose is refreshingly light and fresh. Especially potioned for people who like their fragrances light, but also want to feel garden-fresh all day long English Rose can never go wrong.

II) Country Breeze

A fresh and fruity fragrance with a floral heart, Country Breeze works its magic and embraces you in an irresistible charm. Just like its name, Country Breeze if like a fresh gust of wind in the scorching summers.

III) Autumn Bloom

A fragrance designed for people who like a twist in their fragrances, Autumn Bloom is not just refreshing but vibrant as well. With a hint of vanilla, this fragrance beats the summer heat and keeps you chirpy and bright all through the day. It’s definitely a smell good, feel good scent.

IV) Morning Dew

What you need every morning in this summer heat is a burst of freshness to shake you out of your slumber. Yardley’s Morning Dew Body Spray does exactly that. With notes of energetic lilies, this body spray will stay with you long after the summer heat cools down.

V) London Mist

With a blend of Jasmine and Cedar, London Mist is a scent that brings out the best of an English monsoon. With characteristically English ingredients, this fragrance is perfect to get through the summer heat and keep you feeling fresh all day long.

Now that we’ve listed down our favorites’ for you, we hope you pick a fragrance that you think brings out your summer best in you, because, the right deodorant not just keeps you fresh but kills bacteria and saves you from the unpleasant odour that follows everyone around during the summers.

So, go ahead and face the summers with a smile on your face and an irresistible aroma that sets you apart!