good perfumes for women

The fragrance that you wear contributes a lot to your mood and personality. Perfumes do not only hide your body odour and help you smell good, but the different notes induce emotions like happiness or confidence in your mind. It reflects your persona and nature to all other individuals and helps to establish your unique identity among others.

Though there are several fragrances available in the market today, it is still not easy to choose good perfumes for women. You must choose the one that suits your true-self and helps you to be more expressive, confident as well as cheered up.

Ranging from floral to musk notes, perfumes from Yardley London are perfect for any occasion be it a party or casual day at work.

Yardley is one of the most renowned names in the world of perfumery and has several extraordinary fragrances for women to validate it.The perfumes coming from Yardley are designed keeping in mind the taste of the woman of today. The perfect combination of notes and aromatic ingredients will make you smell great all-day-long.So, if you are looking for the best perfume for women that enhances your personality, then you must have Yardley Perfume in consideration since it is the place to find some of the best fragrances that you can ever hope for.

Interested in knowing more? Here, we have compiled a list of finestYardley perfumes that you can choose from. Have a look:

1. English Lavender - Eau De ToiletteEnglish Lavender - Eau De Toilette 

The English Lavender Eau De Toilette is appropriate for every classy woman and it matches the underlying personality very well. If you love to achieve your goals and carry yourself with utmost confidence, then this signature Yardley perfume is a perfect choice for you. With a blend of mesmerizingfloral and musk notes, the scent helps to keep you calm and confident throughout the day. Further, musk notes of tonka beans and sandalwood keep the freshness intact. The summery vibe of the fragrance with ultimate feminine notes makes it perfect for the season of summer.

2. POISE – EAU DE PARFUM:Poise - Eau De Parfum

Suitable for parties or at work, this scent will definitely help you to stand a class apart from others. Poise from Yardley London is a great choice for those who want to enhance their elegant and mysterious side. The mellow oriental floral fragrance complemented by the spicy as well as sparkling notes creates a positive impression on others. Moreover, itbrings out yourconfident personality.

With the spicy top notes of mandarin and the floral heart notes of water lily, dewy rose facets as well as jasmine petals along with a fruity musky base and warm woody dry down, this Yardley London perfume has really solidified its place in the market as one of the finest perfume for women. This very much represents the modern day boss-lady.

3. ENGLISH ROSE - EAU DE TOILETTE:English rose eau de toilette

Regarded as the Queen of flowers, the fragrance of English Rose has the power to change your mood instantly and make you more charismatic.Yardley English Rose Perfume keep’s you refreshed throughout the day. This fragrance is rejuvenating, floral as well as light. The top notes of rose and neroli blended perfectly with chamomile along with warm woody as well as heart notes of jasmine petals provide the perfume with an enticing aroma that immediately helps you to get noticed.

If you are planning for a date with your better-half, then spray this lovely Eau De Toilette and set-up the perfect mood for the date.

Royal Diamond - Eau De Toilette

4. Royal Diamond EAU DE TOILETTE:

The floral woody fragrance of Yardley Royal Diamond befits every woman who carries themselves with poise. The sophisticated and sweet fragrance of Royal diamond unfolds itself with the notes of bergamot, pear and a subtle hint of money. The heart notes of aromatic rose petals, lily and peony enhanced by vanilla and soft woody notes makes the perfume a real classy one and it reminds you of old royal English gala. For having a lovely day ahead, use it in the morning after the shower to keep yourself refreshed throughout the day.

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