No matter how busy our life is, we all need time which we can call ours. Especially when it comes to unwinding with your loved one. So instead of looking for a special occasion for that date night or a long weekend to go off on a vacation, go ahead and turn any other evening into a one that’s romantic. Here’s what you can do:

1. Cook their Favourite Dinner

They say, if your stomach is happy, you are happy – and it’s true. So take some time out and cook your loved one’s a hearty meal. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair, even a flavourful one-pot-meal and a glass of wine on the side can go long way in making your evening memorable. After all, your partner will fall in love with you all over again once they smell the appetising food smell wafting from the kitchen.

2. Light a Few Candles

This can seem like a bit of additional work, but it will turn the look and feel of your home around. Instead of your loved one walking into the living room they see every other day, candles will take things up a notch – both, in ensuring that your home looks different and in lifting up your loved one’s moods. Don’t forget to put some pleasant music in the background, to keep you company.

3. Spritz on a Pleasant Fragrance

Even though your date night is planned within the four walls of your home, it’s necessary that you dress up for the occasion. So the minute you are through with other tasks in hand to make your evening a success – indulge in a luxury bath to get into a cheerful mood. Yardley’s Royal Red Rose luxury perfumed soap is the perfect choice for this occasion. Layer it up with the English Musk perfumed lotion and spritz on your favourite Eau de Toilette by Yardley to call it a night.

What’s your favourite way to plan a romantic evening? Share your secrets with us in the comments below.