Smell (olfaction) is the most underrated of senses. Unlike vision and taste, there are two sides to it – the ability to smell oneself and the one to radiate a scent. The latter is what makes the role of a perfume mandatory in your daily grooming routine.

Believe it or not, majority of us make fragrance faux pas due to sheer ignorance. Fragrances, if not worn right, could leave an outright bad impression, irrespective of your sartorial sensibilities. With Yardley of London by your side, you could well be a fragrance connoisseur with myriad scents in our portfolio.  

Here we collate an expert piece on obligatory fragrance rules that will help you be on top of your scent game! Read on...

There’s something about being faithful. If simplicity is your style, it is recommended to go the evergreen, timeless route – fragrances that work for all occasions. They might be less adventurous but are also time-tested.

Case in point being Yardley’s English Lavender, which is the brand’s signature scent since its inception in 1770. The fragrance is so classic that it wouldn’t let a blooper anywhere close to you.

Having said that, we would still recommend that you go out of your comfort zone once in a while and experiment the gamut of edgy fragrances available in the market today.

Mix-and-match, if not done right will make you smell like a department store’s fragrance section. Therefore, if you decide to layer up your fragrances, make sure to (at least) pick ones from the same family. That is, no woody scents with a floral talc.

When it comes to layering your fragrant look, the order of application is very important. Doing a little bit of trial-and-error on a piece of tissue paper will give you a rough idea on the layered scent.

Want to try something new? If yes, do not ditch the original practice of testing the scent on your body. Impulse buying isn’t really a good choice as you wouldn’t end up using a lot of it. While on a perfume shopping spree, make sure to not try more than 5 scents at one go.

Rather than beginning a perfume test on your skin, start with a scent blotter. This porous paper will give you a clear-cut picture of the scent you are trying on. Another tip is to bring the scent strip of the bottle close to your nose, shut your eyes and inhale. If it works for your senses, then chances are high that you are going to love it for long.

As one changes attire depending on the time of the year, we would recommend altering your fragrance wardrobe. Being sorted with scents that go with your summer and winter looks will earn you brownie points from the fashion police.

Are you dressing up for a formal event? We’d suggest a musk perfume over an overtly floral one. You should reverse these choices, if the event in question is a wedding ceremony. If trying to impress your girlfriend over a cozy dinner date, make sure to opt for an amber-based Eau De Toilette. A little bit of research on these lines can do wonders for the impact you intend to make.

Another point to remember is choosing the variant that fits your taste. Be a perfume, Eau De Parfum (8-15% concentration) or Eau De Toilette (4-8% concentration), there are umpteen options in the fragrance spectrum to choose from. All of it depends on the intensity of scent you would like to emanate.

That’s all for now from our in-house fragrance expert! Have you got any questions or remarks? Do tell us in comments…