Vanity is a word in no man’s lexicon, it is said. Then again, smelling unpleasant is not what anyone would want to. A tailor-made fragrance is mandatory to complete any look – work, play or even as you laze around the house. As opposed to the popular notion of using men’s scents as a tool to tantalize the opposite sex, Yardley of London believes in giving them a more dignified identity. A perfume is a basic essential, as you can neither overlook its impact nor make it a pointless accessory. In this article, we take you through 5 golden rules for picking the right fragrances for men.

Men have the habit of sticking to the same scent, in an attempt to create a unique identity for themselves. This isn’t a bad idea at all. However, one ought to choose the same scent in different forms, as per occasions – perfumes, body sprays, roll ons, EDT body sprays – there are options aplenty.

If a smooth scent with a hint of Aloe Vera is your idea of a signature scent, go for Yardley’s Elegance range that comes in 5 unique variants – body spray, perfumed talc, shaving cream, shaving foam and after shave lotion.

Admit it or not, men take their favourite scents for granted. Be it a road trip with friends or an evening cocktail party, their penchant to wear the same fragrance is obvious. Unfortunately, that isn’t how one should be dealing with scents.

For instance, if you’re hitting the road on a sunny day or you are out for a game of Tennis, it is advised to wear a long-lasting deo with sporty notes. Like, say, Yardley Gentleman Adventure that is designed for the active, outgoing man of today. If you are on a date with your girlfriend, nothing beats a supple yet effective dash of a classy Eau De Toilette like Yardley Gentleman Classic.

While women’s fragrances are largely made with floral components, men’s scents too have few common constituents - with woody musk and citrus being the popular flavours. Always make it a point to check out the ingredients before placing your bets on a fragrance. Of course, trying it out by spraying on your palm is a good idea. However, knowing the fragrant notes of a perfume by looking at the package is a good method and this will help you while purchasing them online.

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This is a glitch that happens when you pick a perfume to gift someone. Especially if it happens to be someone you do not know well enough, you may end up giving an athletic scent to a person who bears no such traits.

The best method is to analyse the user’s tastes before purchasing. This simple (and fun) test on our website could be of good use.

Last but not the least, perfumes are not just about feeling radiant. It gives out an impression, an aura – that eventually adds to your personality. What if your favourite scent (and its intensity) is a little jarring to the ones around? Therefore, it is always essential to welcome feedback as easily as you appreciate compliments.

And that was our Top 5 tips to get the perfume game right! Do write in to us at the comments section, if you have any more questions.