Fragrances are forever in vogue and there’s a profound reason behind it. Olfaction is one invisible sense, the impact of which is beyond definitions. Whatever be the occasion, it is a scent that makes your look complete. Today with umpteen brands in the market and a constant need to evolve with times, online shopping of fragrances have become quite commonplace.

In this article, Yardley of London presents 5 essential tips that will help you choose a scent without the hassle of visiting a store.

It’s all about quality, we tell you. If you have been happy with brand and their offerings for a significant period of time, chances are bleak for a glaring disappointment. More so because you will anyway be familiar with their popular fragrances, which will further amplify your confidence in the product.

For instance, Yardley of London has been in fragrance arena for close to two and half centuries. We have recently launched our online store as an extension to our brand personality. The quality and service remain the same, albeit a new medium of purchase.

Before adding a product to the shopping cart, have a careful look at the constituents of the scent. Decision-making here would be a little less taxing in case of mono-floral fragrances like rose, jasmine and lavender. In case of hybrid perfumes, be sure of their constituents – often termed as fragrance notes. A little bit research on these elements would help you pick a scent that’s totally up your alley.

The biggest risk in shopping online is falling prey to duplicate products. Any trustworthy brand faces the danger of seeing fake versions of their carefully curated scents - sometimes on the streets or on shopping websites at unrealistic prices. The best option, once again, is to go for official brand stores, which will deliver products that are original and fresh off the rack.

Also, as opposed to retail shopping, e-commerce gives you the advantage of extra discounts. Frequent shoppers may also get privileges such as coupon codes, membership cards and the likes.

This is something that most online shoppers are acquainted with. Reading customer testimonials is a great way to instil trust in a product or the website they are ordered from. A rough comparison of product prices and delivery durations on different websites can be helpful as well.

Understanding your taste for scents with an online questionnaire is another great idea. As the popular belief goes, a fragrance should amplify what your personality projects and these quizzes, more or else, explore the same space.

This fun test, on Yardley’s official website can do wonders in discovering a fragrance that suits you to perfection.

There ends our top 5 tips in picking best fragrances online. Got any questions? Do ask us at the comments section below.