Fragrances have a personality and tell a story - your story. A man will wear a fragrance that’s comfortable for him and that choice is often a reflection of his experience as well as his personality. We’re naturally drawn to scents that we recognize memories and feel familiar with. After all, there’s nothing more intense than a guy wearing a tantalizing scent.

Here we help you de-code what you're smelling off the attractive guy at a party, or finally pinpoint which note in your co-worker's cologne you find most irritating.


Citrus is not just confined to oranges and lemons, but varied notes of berries, tropical fruits and flowers as well. The citrus-loving kinds are likely to be sporty and athletic as clean, fresh scents compliment their active lifestyle. Notice how they’re the life of the party and love being the center of attention. They have an attractive sense of humor with a friendly approach. They’ll be your assured fun and energetic company, always.


Nautical or Marine scents as they’re popularly called, are the uncomplicated minimalistic fragrances that take you to the ocean depths and back in a single whiff. The ozonic notes and salty tang are light, refreshing and give an invigorating, outdoorsy feeling. These aquatics are pretty easy going, and are happy to go with the flow. They have an effortless casual yet distinct style and have a relaxed approach towards life. Elegant and uncomplicated, they’ll be your problem solver in an instant.


We may call them over-achieving perfectionists, but men who are inclined towards woody fragrances represent a solid and reliable kind of masculinity. Characterized by earthy sandalwood, cedar or the fresh forest dew, he’s sophisticated and polished, with a very high style quotient. It’s all in the details for him – be it the cut of a jacket or the turn of the cuff – and shoes matter the most. He’s a well deserving hustler of importance who’ll make his presence felt. It’s evident he’ll make a lasting impression on you, no matter what.


Ever come across musky notes passing by only to turn around and notice an artist-y looking guy with a tuft of hair and a man bun? That’s the sensuous and creative kind whose choice of a fragrance appears very simple but is quite complex with lots of refreshing and uplifting notes. They are traditionally herbaceous, but can have a very modern edge ranging from dessert feels of chocolate and vanilla to coffee and resins, blended with spicy and sweet notes of sage, rosemary, cumin or lavender. There’s something about this kind as their guise appears effortless, but actually a lot of thought has gone into it. He’s a wanderer at heart that’ll take you places with the desire to explore.

It’s not just what you wear but how much you wear says a lot too. Overconfident or trying-hard-to-fit-in men will wear a bucket load of fragrance, whereas the quietly confident ones opt for just enough so that you need to get close to appreciate. As always, less is more.

So if you want to find out if your guy is a player or what his hobbies and sense of style is? Smell him!