fragrance that make her who she is

Who is the woman of today?

The strong, independent woman who has a voice. The woman who not only handles her own life, but has a strong grip on her professional life as well. The woman who looks up to everyone, and unquestionably who inspires us all.

International Women’s Day has always been about celebrating the achievements of women around the world. And why not? Women have come so far and have achieved so much. With each accomplishment that a woman is crowned, she is pushed forward to believe that she has a very powerfulpersonality and these qualities are a reflection of the confidence in her fragrance. So here’s a list of women’s perfume that you should definitely give a try!

Born Leader

Born Leader

The woman of today isfearlessand a born leader. She takes charge of whatever comes her way. Drawing inspiration from the English Rose, the undisputed queen of the flowers, the woman of today will battle it out to keep her crown. She’ll prove to be a person in charge as the power of rose improves memory and is vital for a successful life.

Balanced Life


She knows her priorities and will never think twice as to where they lie. The key to her life is balance, handling all the different aspects of her life to perfection. So does the English Lavender, as it envelopes the wearer into a sense of calmness and equally inducing positive well-being.

Strong Minded

Strong minded

The woman of today is as strong minded as the diamond itself. She’ll speak her mind and defend hermorals, since that’s what’s molded her into who she is. She wants the best for herself, her loved ones as well as the society. True inspiration from the Royal Diamond which is a sparkling, sophisticated fragrance perfume consisting of a flawless combination of sweet, warm and woody notes resulting in an uplifting sensation.



We do not question her confidence, because she is born with it. The woman of today takes pride in her confidence. What’s best is that she knows where to draw the line between confidence and pompousness. The enduring scent of Yardley's Imperial Sandalwood is for the confident woman who prefers the path not trodden often.

It’s all about the right scent that brings out the u in you, and we at Yardley have a fragrance for everyone.