Your signature fragrance says a lot about you. It’s the person you see once, but the scent that lingers on. You could second guess the kind of clothes you buy, but when it comes to the right fragrance you need to have it perfected to the t. The right fragrance is like your “second-skin” and getting it right could make a world of a difference.

We’ve listed down a few of our favourite fragrances and the personality types that compliment them. Read on ahead and find your true-match:

Rose - The romantic

People who lean towards rose as a fragrance choice are sensitive and always weigh things down before divulging anything. They are hopeless romantics and this fragrance is what finds their love together.

We suggest the English Rose EDT for everyone strung by cupid.

Lavender – The friend

If you love wearing lavender, you are considered the B in your group of BFFs. You’re easy to be around and you value friendship, and hence your large group of friends.

Spray on some Yardley English Lavender and become the go-to person for all your friends.

Sandalwood – The intellectual

Sandalwood lovers tend to be perfectionists. They like excelling in everything they do and set high expectations for themselves.

Our Yardley Sandalwood deo is perfect for you if you aim for the stars as well.

Oriental – The mixed bag

We all have that friend who is a mixed bag of all the other personalities. They enjoy all aspects of life and mold themselves according to what the need is at that moment,

Our latest EDC, Autumn Bloom is the perfect fit for such people.

A lot of people already know their signature fragrance but, for the few who don’t Yardley has the perfect forum for you to find out.

Find your fragrance here.