It’s natural; it’s so pleasant; it’s romantic… You can’t avoid them! Floral fragrances are all around us. Whatever your reason to pick floral every time, it’s undoubtedly a girl’s best friend. We agree that the classic feminine touch is the way to go!

So your choice lies at the top of the Fragrance wheel with so many sweet and citrusy smells to choose from. You’re intoxicated by floral scents but end up smelling like a mixed bouquet most of the time; maybe because you need to identify which floral fragrance represents you best. So here we tell you the right note of that floral spritz suitable to you.

The Stressed Kind

Are you the nail-nibbling girl on the edge of your seat most of the time? Does the tiniest of a spill turn your world upside down? Why so stressed, girl? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you!

Try floral notes like Lilies that relieve stress and promote well-being. They tend to be associated with helping with sadness and giving a sense of security. Yardley’s Morning Dew with the influence of energetic lilies and base elements of patchouli and musk will keep you calm and refreshed all day.

The Girly Girl

Would you work for a women’s magazine and not mind a pink phone cover? You prefer the subtle elegance of freshness than any other profound flower. That comprises you as the sensuous, feminine kind who loves herself and her life. A unique floral essence that’s intrinsic to you is the rich and captivating iconic lavender. Yardley’s English Lavender is much more aromatic and has a far greater delicacy of a scent than any other lavender in the world. It’s an amalgamation of floral and spicy ingredients that is calming and therapeutic, to say the least.

The Ambitious kind

So you always know you can have it your way, no matter what. The go-getter, determined and assertive type who’s envied by most. You’re sophisticated and prefer to keep it classic in every sense of your style. You, my friend, belong to the highest ordinance in the floral pyramid- the undisputed queen of flowers – the timeless Rose. This sweet, solid fragrance characterizes having a good head on your shoulders keeping you positive all day. The English Rose by Yardley is the delicate and royal choice to match your impactful aura.

The Playgirl

You’re a career woman but loves adventure? Family type and love partying, too? Basically, you’re just here to make the most of life! The zest of sandalwood mesmerizes you, but you also love the uplifting sense of florals; then you need the perfect combination of sugar and spice. Look out for fragrances that are woody with an underlying floral base – like Yardley’s London Mist with the romantic combination of Jasmine and cedar wood or Royal Diamond’s explosion of rose, peony and lily of the valley, with soft, warm notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla.

A floral fragrance is a great way to add a bit of summer sunshine to your day. Find one worthy of you that’s light and crisp and it’ll never overpower you. We hope we’ve included the favorite kinds that you can put your finger on! Happy discovering!