Classic. Be it in clothes, apparel, music, cinema or arts– the trend around all things classic is eternal. We never see a hysteria around them, but classic forever find takers.

Having said that, we reiterate how ‘classic’ is a very casually demarcated term in the fashion industry and more so in the world of perfumes. The reason why we say that is because perfumes and their concentrations change over time. Even though a lot of central ingredients remain the same, concentration levels of several chemicals are regulated by the International Fragrance Association. Consequently, a bottle of Yardley’s Lavender perfume that might have hogged the shelves in the 19th century might not have smelt the same as it does today.

The mystique that comes along

While regulatory bodies and evolutions are inevitable, the most number of messages that pour in at Yardley of London is around our 247-year-old legacy. Right from sharing an antique brilliantine bottle or simply stating how the English Lavender fragrance is more of an heirloom entity, these testimonials are truly for keeps. This transports us back to the question why a lot of our classic fragrances are still hot favourites with a large number of our followers as opposed to their newer counterparts.

The desirable luxury tag

It is fascinating how a classic fragrance gives you a sense of belonging to a different era. The larger-than-life air they exude is something tremendously appealing and, hence, an instant confidence booster. As is the case with all things antique, the value and luxury attached to these scents are considerably high. Therefore, it also takes a good amount of grace and magnetism to pull them off – with the right quantity to be applied being of utmost importance.

Just like fine wine…

To put it in human terms, one can equate a classic scent to a treasured piece of ancestral jewellery. Passed on through generations, both are tried-and-tested with their value advancing through the years. This very fact makes a classic scent like Yardley’s English Rose a safe bet to be worn regularly, and also with any attire.

 At Yardley of London, we believe in nurturing the iconic scents that gave us the immense repute that we enjoy today. Be it, English Lavender, English Rose or the Gentleman Range for men, now you can shop them all at